Monthly Archives: January 2012

Jan 26 2012

For this week I want to just let you see an interview from .  Hope you enjoy it /  Blessings ,  Jim What is your favorite place to create? I like to think about stuff while driving in my car, and also at my… Continue reading

Jan 19 2012

I think that it’s probably time for this to turn more into a blog instead of the personal report that it has been, so here are my thoughts in case anybody wants to know what I’m thinking about. Its time we begin to re-think our… Continue reading

Jan 12 2012

Greetings! What a beautiful day here in Fairhope  AL, but “they” say it will be turning cold tonight. Took my wife to the airport yesterday so she could spend the next two weeks with her mom in Michigan.  She says it’s snowing heavily up there… Continue reading

Jan 4 2012

Maybe I can get the hang of this more as I go along! Well, it is Wednesday and I am typing this on a table which is my temporary desk until the move is complete. We have been packing all the small stuff for a… Continue reading