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Jim Lee
120 Dewberry Lane
Maylene, AL 35114

(251) 510-7141

About Jim

A storyteller.

A quirky “out-of-the-box” Christian thinker who believes that being called “weird” is a compliment.

A sincere man who thinks that, more than anything else, religion should be genuine and real…never manipulative or self-righteous.

Someone who spent too much of his life as a religious Pharisee, trying to get it right and trying to keep himself and everybody else “in line.”

A man who discovered that “trying to be good” would never be good enough, and that if it were up to him to “perform” well, he was and is too flawed to ever dream of measuring up.

One who has encountered the God of pure, unlimited, radical grace, and is passionate in his desire to communicate that grace in his words and in his life.

Raised as the son of an Alabama steelworker, and after graduating from high school and a time in the U.S. Coast Guard, he entered a Bible College, then went to three seminaries, altogether earning four degrees including doctor of theology. He taught college courses in preaching and in New Testament, pastored churches, and worked as a Christian radio broadcaster for most of the next 30 years.

In 1998 he attended a life-transforming seminar that started him on a journey toward authenticity, honesty, and spiritual reality. As he puts it, “The masks came off. I quit the silly religious games. I started to get real. I’m still working on it, but I could never turn back.”

“Broken Roads to Grace” is a glimpse into that journey.

He has been described as “a gifted speaker with a strong voice but a gentle spirit.” He also has an odd, “off-the-wall” sense of humor. Someone recently said, “he makes me laugh, but he also makes me think!”

He resides in the Birmingham Alabama area, and often travels to speak in various churches, conventions, group meetings, and laundromats..