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Welcome to the first “blog” on The books finally were printed and arrived just a week ago, and my son Casey Lee, who does web development and is the founder of, has worked hard to create this website and get it up and running! He is a  creative genius at this, as well as a really great guy, and I highly recommend that you use him when you have need of templates or web design. In his case, the apple fell far from the tree, because I do not know anything about that stuff. He has tried to be patient with me, and at least so far he has not said, “I can’t believe how dumb you are about computers!” He is too nice to say that, but he is probably thinking it to himself.

I promised myself that I would try to do a blog just once a week. The plan will be to share some thoughts about God and about life from time to time, but right now I don’t have much to say, and I have learned to never force it when it is not there. I have a pretty good excuse, though. Not only have the books just come out, and the website has just been up two days, but we are also in the process of moving! We are only moving a half mile from where we have been for the past six years, but it is a project. Just got the utilities turned on today, and opened the water spigots throughout the house and watched them spit and sputter for a half hour until all the air finally came through the pipes.

This book is already selling well, being that the brand-new website and the trunk of my car are the only place you can get them so far. Still I have moved nearly 300 of them in the past week. No, I take that back! I have moved over 4,000 of them! I moved them to a storage building! I have sold nearly 300! Still, it sounded good to say I had moved 4,000 copies!

Speaking of which, I am reminded of  a little place in Birmingham called “Gus’ Hot Dogs.” He had a sign that said “Under five million sold!” I’m thinking about advertising “Broken Roads to Grace” and saying something like “Under 350,000 copies sold!”

Seriously, though, I have already seen it really touch several lives (more about that later) and it serves to remind me that it’s not about Jim Lee having a book out. It’s really about the ministry of grace that these stories can have to those who read them. That’s what is important. May Christ be glorified in it all. He doesn’t have to use this book, but I will be grateful whenever and however He does use it.

See you next time //  Jim


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