Jan 12 2012

Greetings! What a beautiful day here in Fairhope  AL, but “they” say it will be turning cold tonight. Took my wife to the airport yesterday so she could spend the next two weeks with her mom in Michigan.  She says it’s snowing heavily up there now.

I think that snow is God’s way of telling people to move farther South, but some people just won’t listen, so God gives them the curse of a Northern accent in their speech. The only cure is to name your first child “Bubba”, fill up on turnip greens and grits and okra, and take the next bus south. Even then it takes a while to recover.

Tonight our church will be having the monthly “barn ministry” meeting, and they want me to share a couple of chapters from BRTG. The church is purchasing enough copies for us to give one to each of our guests from the waterfront mission. The rest of the guys will have opportunity to purchase copies if they want to.  I sure hope that they do.

As I’ve said before, I have about 4,000 copies of the book and they are going well even though the only place you can get them is from my website or the trunk of my car. Eventually I am going to try to get them in some book stores, although many of the Christian book stores will not like Chapter 5.  But really, the best way to get these books out is for me to work on getting myself before people in whatever venue may be available. I will go to a church, a community club, a coffee house type meeting, or even a long line at Walmart to share a couple of stories from the book, because when that happens everybody wants to buy one!

We have finally completed our move and were enjoying the new house for one day when I had to go out of town, and then we enjoyed it for three days before my wife Linda had to go out of town! But the other good news is that our sweet old black Lab likes the place and doesn’t stray onto other properties and won’t go near the street at all… so we don’t need to get a fence.

Pray for us and email me any time you want to. I would always be glad to hear from you. I have not ever done “facebook” but I do emails and phone calls and personal visits. I know that’s weird, but up until now it’s true.

See you next time //  Jim


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