Jan 19 2012

I think that it’s probably time for this to turn more into a blog instead of the personal report that it has been, so here are my thoughts in case anybody wants to know what I’m thinking about.

Its time we begin to re-think our small religion and get us a bigger one! Our world view, and our concept of God and what is important truth will border on insanity if we don’t! I am in good company on this, namely GK Chesterton in his delightful book “Orthodoxy.” We MUST begin to see the Kingdom as a big expansive thing, beyond our ability to control or to become an authority on it. Do you  really think that God is so picky about the details of our doctrine, our orthodoxy, that He is accepting people or rejecting people on the basis of whether they are sprinkled or immersed or both or neither, or that we say the precise theological words in our prayers to him, or whether our minister uses the correct verbal formula? Do you really think that God is so uptight about whether we cut our hair, or use grape juice or wine, or speak with tongues or not, or get all of our details about the last days, or a thousand other things that people divide over? Yes He said that “strait” is the gate (not straight) and narrow is the way– but that doesn’t mean that we should be narrow. I repeat: To have a small view of God and the Kingdom is insanity. Please start to see yourself as a small part of something big, not a big part of something small. Embrace mystery! Stop trying to get it all under your control. Stop even trying to define or understand it all. It is something sane that we all must do.

Until next time //  Jim-

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