Jan 4 2012

Maybe I can get the hang of this more as I go along! Well, it is Wednesday and I am typing this on a table which is my temporary desk until the move is complete. We have been packing all the small stuff for a week, and tomorrow is the day we actually relocate to our new house just a half-mile away.

I have been very encouraged with how the new book is going so far. Looking forward to a trip up to Birmingham Saturday to reunite with my elementary school classmates. Hope that they will all want to read it (since we all first learned to read together.)

For the first time in many years we are worried a little about money. Things should ease up some if the book sales go well, and if I sell or rent my house that I am moving out of. But at least temporarily it is a little scary financially. Makes me pray a little more than usual, which is good.

Speaking of prayer, I know that reading a book on prayer is not the same as praying. I agree with the words that somebody said, “we learn to pray by praying.” But if you want to read a good book on prayer I recommend three, all of which are fairly recent publications.  They are the books by Richard Foster, Philip Yancey, and Steve Brown. Especially the one by Richard Foster. I think I need to dig it out of the book boxes and read it myself.

I want to say a special thank you to Stephen Akinduro of Columbus, Georgia for so profusely endorsing Broken Roads to Grace on his blog. He was exuberant, as well as gracious and kind.

All the new stuff in my life has me a little bit un-relaxed at the moment. New year, new book, new website, new house, and new pressures. If you whisper a prayer for me, I will be grateful to you.

May you be blessed and wonderfully fulfilled in the coming year, and maybe some of us can meet personally along the way.


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