July 2 2012

Well, life does go on, and we do get busy, don’t we? I first thought that I could do a blog for this site once a week, but it looks like once a month is more realistic. I don’t think many people read it anyway, but so as not to totally disappoint, I am going to try to do at least that much. As in many things, I can do better if I lower my expectations from myself, and from everyone else too.

I have rediscovered a book that I read 12 years ago, and it is even better now than when I first read it, and I need it more than ever. It can be transforming because it is truly the truth that can set us free. It is “The Pressure’s Off” by Larry Crabb. I only know a handful of people who even try to think the way he thinks about life, but I believe he is right. Essentially it is to stop trying or expecting to make life “work,”¬† give up on negotiating with God to make life “successful” or comfortable for ourselves, and change our desires from¬† wanting “blessings” to just wanting Him. My mantra is something like “Jesus I want you more than anything else!” It is, of course, not consistently true with me, but I want it to be. Please get the book.

Things are opening up for me to speak in various places and share stories from BRTG. I love doing that wherever I can, and for the past 2 months I think there has hardly been a day when I didn’t get a phone call or a letter or an email from someone saying that the stories have touched their life in a meaningful way. This means so much to me.

The “Tid Bits” paper has been publishing a condensed version of each chapter of BRTG in their weekly publication, and I am enjoying hearing from many of their readers.

I thank you for your prayers. Please feel free to put a comment on this site, or even to call me sometime at 251 510-7141.

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