June 1 2012

I write this brief blog to honor my mother Kate Olive Lee, who died two years ago today at the age of 92. Always cheerful and sweet-spirited, extremely conscientious and industrious, and with the gift of a great sense of humor, she was admired by all who knew her. I miss her every day. For the last four years of her life it was our honor to have her live in an apartment adjoining our residence. My wife worked hard to care for her, and was not only her caregiver, but also her friend. I will always be appreciative of the efforts that she made for my mom.

You have heard of people who would say of someone that they “never uttered an unkind word.” I think that usually this compliment is spoken by someone who did not intimately know the person. I think that if we are honest, and if we knew the person very very well, we would probably not be able to say that. So, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I did hear my mother make an unkind statement. How many times? TWICE! Yes, two times in my entire life I heard my mother say something that was less than kind. That was it!

There are several chapters in “Broken Roads to Grace” that talk about my father. None of them talk about my mother, other than a couple of brief mentions. I honestly don’t know why that is. Even now it is difficult to write anything about her. How can I explain that? So far, here is the only reason I can give:
You just had to know her for yourself! She was beyond my ability to compose words. She was the best and the nicest person I have ever known. She never failed me… ever. What more can I say? I love you, Mom.

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