Preface by Steve Brown

I teach communications at a theological seminary, and, as a part of that job, I teach lab classes where students have an opportunity to preach before the class and to hear the comments of the other students and of course, my own comments.

There are a number of ways by which I measure a good sermon, but one of the main ways I judge a sermon is by how often I say, “I don’t believe I would have said that,” to wit, the more I say it, the better the sermon. That’s important because it is always better for a preacher to shock people than to bore them.

If the Christian faith isn’t shocking, amazing, liberating, disturbing, and fun, then it’s probably not the Christian faith.

You hold in your hands a book that will cause you to say often, “I don’t believe I would have said that.” You’ll say that because Jim Lee gets the radical nature of God’s grace as well as anybody I know. Not only that, but he has a great gift with words — words that often stand up and sing The Hallelujah Chorus! He writes with great power and insight, and this book will make you laugh, cry, think, and even get angry. But you’ll think in a different way about God and about life.

Jim Lee took his “mask” off a long time ago, and his authenticity will sometimes stun you. There is wisdom here, and love and power. And it all rests on truth — the truth that changes lives.
I hope that a lot of people will read this book. They will become more free and more genuine if they do.
Read “Broken Roads to Grace” by Jim Lee, and you will, along with me, rise up and “call him blessed!”