Table of Contents

Preface by Steve Brown

1. A Desperate, Non-religious Prayer
2. A Final Call to Change Things
3. A Hero of Mine
4. A Hollow Respectability
5. A Parable: Sometimes I Make Myself Sick
6. A Summer That Still Haunts Me
7. Absurdity in my Family
8. American Idols
9. An “A” For Life
10. Another Parable: A Tale of Two Churches
11. Be It Ever So Humble
12. Call from the Wizard of Oz
13. Christian Confession Booth
14. Christmas is not Receiving, But Giving
15. Dead Frogs
16. Down and Out at Second Base
17. Downward Mobility
18. Easter at Sunrise
19. Elusive Humility
20. Everything is Upside-down
21. Facing the Facts on a Fishing Trip
22. Forgiveness in My Family
23. Free from Religious Performance
24. Grace Heals Racism from the Inside
25. Highways and Hedges
26. His Name was Billy
27. I Am Chosen
28. I Am Not Doing Fine
29. I Hope You Dance
30. Jim, Tammy Faye, Larry King, and You
31. Listening to Your Life
32. Moonshine from the Jailhouse Parking Lot
33. My Pity Party
34. Playing It Safe
35. Remembering Malcolm
36. Saying a Kind Word
37. Some Lessons from a Mixed Breed Dog
38. The1948 Plymouth
39. The Chair in My Yard
40. The Monster Movie
41. The Pitcher who Sang
42. The Truth About Christmas
43. Three Who Did Not Fall
44. What About the “World?”
45. When Love Blows Us Away
46. When Things Go Wrong
47. Who Really Touches Our Lives?
48. You Are Invited