What others are saying about Broken Roads to Grace

This book is “SQUIRREL STEW for the SOUL” — more substantial than chicken soup; you have to chew on it before you swallow it; a little strange-tasting, but you will never forget that you ate it and that it was GOOD!

– Teth Burns, founder and editor of “This That and the Other” magazine

These stories will make you laugh, cry, and even shout for joy as you embrace the message of God’s love and the freedom it brings. I appreciate the refreshing authenticity, which is reminiscent of Donald Miller and Jim Palmer.

– Stephen Akinduro, author of “Keeping the Good in the Good News”

Jim Lee gets the radical nature of God’s grace as well as anybody I know, and he has a great gift with words… words that often stand up and sing The Hallelujah Chorus!

– Steve Brown, professor of preaching at Reformed Seminary, author, and director of Key Life ministries, Orlando Florida

“Broken Roads to Grace” is a delightful tour through God’s fields of mercy. Your tour guide is Jim Lee, a “formerly fundamentalist preacher” who spent years in the “performance trap” before being found by grace. This book is literally overflowing with dramatic experiences that reveal the good news of God’s radical love.

– Claire Cloninger, award-winning Christian author and songwriter

Open to any story in this book, and you will find your mind will be captivated by it! Broken Roads to Grace is a raw, real look at the authentic journey of Jim Lee. It doesn’t come across as pious or religious, but it is deeply spiritual and thoughtful. You will laugh, cry, and maybe even get mad as you explore your own journey of grace through broken roads. You owe it to yourself to read it with an open heart and allow grace to amaze you once again!

– Richard Mark Lee, lead pastor of First Baptist Church, McKinney, Texas

In this book, Jim Lee has wonderfully captured and beautifully explained some of the most meaningful, refreshing and insightful examples of God’s radical grace. It explodes the myths that God is distant or harsh.

– Bill Purvis, lead pastor of Cascade Hills Church, Columbus, Georgia

Jim Lee is a storyteller, and a “recovering” preacher. Some of his stories are funny, some are simple yet insightful observations, and still others are the interesting or edifying recountings of events in people’s lives. It is deeper spiritual truth put in words that are easy to understand, profusely illustrated by life’s experiences. All of these stories magnify the freedom, healing, and restoration that only grace can bring… grace that continues to heal his heart, and mine. I commend my friend to you… hear and receive this grace writer as you walk or even as you stumble on the broken roads of life.

– Reverend Mark DiCristina, Associate Minister, Church of the Apostles, Fairhope, Alabama